Sierra Madre Menu

Our Sierra Madre location is a full-service artisanal bakery & cafe serving fresh, hand-crafted breads and pastries, quick breakfast and lunches, and take-home dinners.

Fresh Pastries

Artisanal Breads

  • Multigrain, Country, Corn Rye, Sourdough and Rosemary Lemon Boules
    French Bread

Cookies & Bars

Good Morning Offerings

  • Choose from Ham & Cheddar, Ham & Gruyere, Spinach and Mushroom, Mushroom and Gruyere, Roasted Peppers and Feta, Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella and Smoked Salmon with Red Onions.

  • Choice of Ham or Smoked Salmon, Greens, Sliced Hard Boiled Egg, Avocado Mash, Tomato, Lemon Drizzle, Maldon Sea Salt, Korean Chili Flake and Sourdough Bread with Butter.


Choice of bread (Country, Sourdough, Rosemary Lemon, Multigrain)

Add hard boiled egg to any toast  1.5

  • Avocado Mash, Micro Greens, Lemon Drizzle, Maldon Sea Salt and Korean Chili Flake on Toasted Sourdough

  • Smoked Salmon, Caper Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Micro Greens, Lemon Drizzle, Maldon Sea Salt and Korean Chili Flake on Toasted Sourdough

  • Deviled Egg Salad. Pickled Celery, Micro Greens, Lemon Drizzle, Maldon Sea Salt and Korean Chili Flake on Toasted Sourdough


Add a side Caesar or Garden Salad  4

Add extra meat 4 or fish 6

Side/ add extra cheese  2

Add avocado 2.50

Substitute butter croissant on any sandwich 1.5

  • Roasted American Eye-of-Round Beef, Provolone Cheese, Pickled Onions, Arugula and a Horseradish Cream.

  • Salami, Mortadella, Provolone Cheese, Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Cherry Peppers, Aioli and Italian Dressing.

  • Roasted Free Range Turkey Breast, Brie Cheese, Tomato, Romaine, Cranberry Relish and Dijon Aioli.

  • Free Range Chicken Breast, Brie Cheese, Arugula and Pesto Aioli.

  • Avocado Mash, Vegan Pesto, Persian Cucumber, Tomato, Marinated Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Pickled Red Onion, Mixed Garden Greens and Aioli.

  • Choice of Albacore Tuna, Roasted Free Range Turkey, Free Range Chicken Breast, Niman Ranch Ham or Rare Roast Beef with Mixed Garden Greens, Tomato, Red Onion and Aioli.

  • Smoked Salmon, Caper Cream Cheese, Persian Cucumber, tomato, pickled red onion and Fresh Dill.

  • Peanut Butter and House Made Jam

  • Deviled Egg Salad, Pickled Celery, Mixed Garden Greens and Dijon Aioli.


Available as a side or full. Add chicken breast 4 or tuna salad 6

Side/extra cheese to salad 2.

Add avocado 2.50

  • Mixed Garden Greens, Tomato, Persian Cucumber, Red Onion, House Made Croutons with your choice of dressing: Red Wine Vinaigrette, Sweet Sesame, Ranch or Balsamic & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Chopped Romaine Lettuce, Grated Grana Padano Cheese, House Made Croutons and Caesar Dressing.


Served daily with your choice of bread.

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